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CNC Milling, CNC Turning and more…

We have extensive machining parks where all necessary production processes, such as CNC milling, CNC turning, boring, broaching, gear manufacturing, welding are available from small to large and from single pieces to serial production.
We have focused on providing serial production and are specialized in the machining of castings.

Castings, extrusion and solid material

We specialize in machining castings, but also process other materials such as extrusion and solid material, non-ferrous, ferrous and plastic.

CNC Frezen

CNC Milling

We have a considerable amount of horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines with a maximum working area of X = 1000, Y = 800 and Z = 800. We have:


  • milling machines with pallet changers
  • milling machines with a fourth axis
  • milling machines with a (un)loading robot
  • milling machines with hydraulic molds

CNC Turning

We have a considerable amount of CNC lathes. We can turn products with a maximum diameter of 730 mm. We have:

  • lathes with driven tools
  • lathes with automatic bar feeder
  • lathes with a (un)loading robot
  • lathes with subspindle
CNC draaien
Gear production

Gear manufacturing

We have various machines for producing gears. Thesemachines have a maximum module of 6 mm and a cutting speed of 35 m/s.
The maximum workspace is Ø400 mm.



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