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Our strength lies in sourcing and managing the complete supply chain. We relieve you from all sourcing activities and additional challenges, so that you can focus on improving and growing your business.

Focus on you, we do the rest

Sourcing and managing a supply chain may take up to several years before you get it right. The time you spend on these activities are much better invested in Sales, Engineering and in own Production.
With our network and expertise in sourcing- and purchasing activities, we’ll be saving you a lot of time and effort.
You will save cost on Sourcing, Quality, Planning, Production Support, Logistics and External Inventory Management.

From Manufacturer to Total Supplier

After a decade of CNC machining GMT Nederland, former Grematech, changed its course from manufacturing in-house to outsourcing manufactured parts.

With the rapid growth of her customers GMT Nederland became their total supplier of semi-finished products (including the materials and after treatment) and became a partner in sourcing activities in low-wage countries to reduce production cost.
Until this date GMT Nederland has created a network of manufacturing suppliers in Europe and Turkey and has become a specialist in sourcing and managing of supply chains.

The difference in working with GMT

Without GMT

With GMT

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