The Supply Chain Partner that relieves you from all manufacturing sourcing activities.
With more than 40+ suppliers in Europe and Turkey, our network has the capacity you need for serial production.
Let us focus on Sourcing, Quality, Production Support, Planning, Logistics and Inventory Management, so that you can foxus on growing your business.

CNC Turning

CNC Milling


Die Casting

Sand Casting

Injection Molding



The Supply Chain Partner That Actually Helps You Grow

All-in-one Delivery

We are specialize in the supply of a total delivery metal semi-finsihed product from material, to machining, to after-treatment, to your door.

Ready-to-go Network

Have you ever tried finding qualified suppliers? Skip months of searching and qualifying and make instant use of our network of 40+ qualified suppliers specialized in serial production.

Purchasing made easy

All your activities and communication managed in one place. We will be your contact for all your questions and we will solve all your outsourcing challenges.

1. Let’s Meet !

A long-term partnership starts with getting to know eachother. We will get to know your company and your parts, so that we can find the perfect match for you.

2. Get a Quote

After finding the right match for you, we will make you a non-binding offer that will give you a better position on the market.

3. Receiving the first samples

Before production your parts will go through our sampling process. If all your specifications and expectations meet, the full production can start.

4. Serial Production and beyond

Once your trust has been established production will be fully scaled and new projects can be approached in the same manner.

Systems for Guaranteed Quality

ERP System

ISO Certifications

CMM Measurement

3D Scanning

Ready to grow your business?

Take advantage of our production network and see what GMT can do for you